• I believe magic is hidden in plain sight
  • I believe that the Universe has my back and is conspiring to help me manifest all that I desire 
  • I believe beauty is all around me
  • I believe in love

T H E R E S E    T U C K E R

C R E A T O R    O F    B L Y T H E    S T A R L I G H T

I    A M    A    M O D E R N    M Y S T I C.

 I dream, feel, eat and sleep in color (and glitter).

I am an intuitive and an artist who desires to infuse the world with beauty, light and magic.

Each piece of fine art I make has it's own true love. I get that Divine Spark and channel it onto canvas, paper or wood so it can be with it's love. In essence, I am an agent of true love.

I serve those who are light seekers, magical daydreamers, modern goddesses, starseeds and passionate advocates for love.

C O N T A C T    M E

All Artwork is Copyright by Therese Tucker.  No text or images may be used without express written permission.
Therese Tucker

Blythe Starlight on Vango Art

I    A C C E P T   


ONLINE SHARING:  To quote Anahata Katkin, an artist I respect and admire:  "Please feel free to blog or post my content via reasonable social media vehicles, but you must provide proper credits, linking and information.  Without this sharing isn't sharing at all.  Promote media awareness and respectful practices.  Thank you for your understanding."

M Y    M A G I C A L    M A N I F E S T O