The ULTA LUNA COLLECTION of art that is inspired by the moon. 

As we are moving though this new time of increased conscious awareness and the challenges that 4D creates (4D refers to the Fourth Density - the rate at which our Consciousness is currently vibrating), moving through clearing, cleansing, detoxifying and polarizing energies. 

I wanted to create an art collection that honors and utilizes some of the most powerful healing tools for moving through this time: 

Amethyst + Moonstone: 
Amethyst is one of the most powerful healing stones. It helps relieve tension, stress, and anxiety while holding a steadily high vibration allowing us to stay in tune with our Higher Self. While Moonstone helps increase our intuition, regulates our body's cycles and offers protection. This painting was made using water that was infused with both of these crystals. 

The Moon: 
When we work with lunar energy it helps us to regulate the cycles of our body, including all our different hormonal functions. Additionally, when we work with the flow of Cosmic Energy our lives start to feel more aligned and life seems to work more in our favor. This painting was made to help remind the viewer of the moon's subtle, yet powerful energy. 

U L T A    L U N A

A B O U T    T H E    A R T W O R K

All Artwork is Copyright by Therese Tucker.  No images or text may be used without express written permission.

"Rising" by Therese Tucker

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