My Etsy shop is going through an incredible Ascension process.  It is adapting and expanding so quickly that I can barely keep up with the updates.  Come and take a lot for yourself, or better yet - Join the Tribe so that you can stay in the know.

BTW, those Tarot cards are gooooorgeous, right!?  That is "The Starchild Tarot," my absolute favorite tarot deck!  Check it out here

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Have you ever wondered what goes on in my head around why I paint what I paint?  In my new podcast I give you a "behind the scenes" peek in to each new piece I'm working on, what inspires me, and any secrets a piece might hold!

The Blythe Starlight Podcast

My Latest Work:

I am launching my first ever official collection in my Blythe Starlight Intuitive Jewelry shop on Etsy!

Ulta Luna will be launching in March 2018.

Here is a little peek at my design inspiration for this dreamy, and powerful collection.  Enjoy!

"True Nature" by Therese Tucker
Spring Celebration Collection by Blythe Starlight on VIDA

 I created a group where I could really hang out with my Tribe and get to know you all even more.  It's called The Blythe Starlight Intuitive Art + Jewelry Tribe.  I have daily mantras for you, and fun surprises like giveaways, group meditations, and intuitive card readings just for you.  Want to come hang out?

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Maybe you've already guessed it -  I am a creative juggernaut!  

(Some refer to me as an art ninja, LOL!!) 

Here is the latest projects I have been working on:

The Blythe Starlight Podcast