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Current Work in Progress:

Lately I can't get the story of Chandra (the Moon) and Ganesha out of my head. (probably because I've been listening to the song "Chandra" by MC Yogi a lot.)

What do I do when I can't get song lyrics out of my brain?  I paint it.

Here is the under-drawing currently in progress.

What is all the red about?  That is the symbol of the Muladhara, or Root Chakra which Ganesha rules. (08/23/17)

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Maybe you've already guessed it -  I am a creative juggernaut!  

(Some refer to me as an art ninja, LOL!!) 

Here is the latest projects I have been working on:

Recently I was accepted as a designer on VIDA!  I have launched my first design collection based on my painting "Spring Celebration."

Here are a few pieces from this new collection!

(I really love that fold over clutch!)

To view the entire collection click here!

Have you ever wondered what goes on in my head around why I paint what I paint?  In my new podcast I give you a "behind the scenes" peek in to each new piece I'm working on, what inspires me, and any secrets a piece might hold!

The Blythe Starlight Podcast
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Spring Celebration Collection by Blythe Starlight on VIDA
The Blythe Starlight Podcast

I've fallen head over heels with the Sandalwood beads I ordered from India!  These two Magical Energy Malas are the latest pieces in my Sandalwood Series.  They are charged with love and powerful crystal energy and smell like Heaven! 

To see the entire Sandalwood Series click here!

"True Nature" by Therese Tucker