Therese Tucker



Hey there, I’m Therese and I want to help you deepen your intuition…

As a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Artist, mentor and author I have created tools and programs to help you channel your inner mystic.

I developed Blythe Starlight as a lifestyle brand creating fine art and metaphysical accessories with a spiritual connection.

As a psychic medium and empathetic intuitive, deeply connecting to others is a part of my life work.

I connect all of my personal creations to the spiritual world to form a lasting, meaningful bond with their owners.



Mystic Mentor for Women Who Want to Live Their Destiny

When you doubt yourself you can end up sabotaging yourself. And if you continue down that road, you’ll end up – overworked, stressed out and with nothing (or very little) to show for it.  Fortunately for you, there’s hope.

I know this personally – back in 2006, I was a professional actress and an artist who felt like I had something more to share with the world. In fact, I wanted to be a spiritual guide to others.  I had the knowledge, I was constantly studying, and even felt a strong connection to the Divine… The only problem was that I didn’t believe I had access to a strong and clear intuition.  Basically, I felt like a “wannabe.”

So, I only took readings and did energetic healing sessions with friends at no charge, giving away loads of my time and energy (two things you cannot get back in a day, by the way) because I didn’t want to risk being judged as an imposter or a psychic fraud!

Fast forward nine years, when I finally decided to take the risk and trust myself.  I came out of the psychic closet. My self-trust + intuition made my life click and success started to come to me. Instead of anguishing in fear and doubt I finally felt authentic and powerful.  I was able to fulfill a life dream and create a school to become a full-time spiritual guide and teacher.  Now, I spend my time teaching people like you how to do what I’ve done because…

Every success block comes down to self-doubt and breaking through those blocks is what Blythe Starlight is all about.

To make your journey easier, I have created three different paths for you – 1:1 mentoring for creating breakthroughs with full personal support. If you just need a guide to point the way, you can book a private reading with me, and of course if you want to follow the stars up Ascension mountain, you can join the Spirit Circle. Check out all the paths forward below.

Some of my faves


I love drinking rose flavored herbal tonics


I have 3 magical cats


I am obsessed with sketchbooks and notebooks


My guilty pleasure is collecting crystals


My favorite ritual is a moon bath


I can’t live without my chakra sunglasses

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