Epic Year Workshop 2023

Unlock the Secrets to Setting Cosmically-Aligned Soul Goals!

Are you wondering…

Why the EPIC year workshop? 

“After 4 years of spending developing this content (including some embarrassing failures), I’ve developed a proven system for consistently crafting a soul-goal strategy for my clients. Your life path is unique which is why my goal-setting strategies are designed to mold to your current energy signature. Join the workshop and utilize these processes + strategies to eliminate confusion and indecision, find your most aligned opportunities, and finally enjoy a positive return on your manifesting hard work.“

-Therese Tucker

Modern Mystic Mentor

In this nothing-held-back workshop you’ll learn:


Life-tested goal-setting frameworks and strategies for uncovering your best opportunities and generating a positive return manifesting efforts in 2022.


How people just like you are preparing to have the most enjoyable and successful 2022 before it happens.


Reprogram your brain to look for what’s working and where success, abundance, prosperity, love and miracles are actually happening in your life.


Master living from a higher vibration where everything becomes ease and grace.


Effective ways to creates a touchstone back to your vision when you feel like you've gotten off-track or lost momentum.

Sound like a great fit for you?


Here’s what we will do together

Discover Your Personal Vibration

Your energy is on a specific trajectory and you can either flow with it or struggle against it.  In this workshop I will show you how to identify your current year vibration and decode its meaning.

Design Soul-Aligned Goals

Based on your current vibration I will teach you how to craft goals that are in harmony with your soul’s progression making these goals more effortless to achieve.

Develop A Strong Strategy

I will then show you have to develop a smart strategy designed to give you real traction without the distraction.


Ready To Book Your Seat?

2023 EPIC Year Workshop



2-Day Workshop

November 16th & 17th 2022

@ 4:30 pm PST

A workshop for creating EPIC change in 2023 using intentional magic

2023 EPIC Year Workshop

2 Month Payment Plan

INVESTMENT | 2 payments of $155

2-Day Workshop

November 16th & 17th 2022

@ 4:30pm PST

A workshop for creating EPIC change in 2023 using intentional magic

Hear from these soul goal getters and learn how they tapped into their own life path vibration to create cosmically aligned goals:

I am more myself than ever

“Amazing! I had pages of stuff. It’s been a wonderful year of growth and healing. I am a completely different person, yet I feel like I am more myself than ever in my life. You have been a big part of it!”

– Melissa –

I got my mind on what I can work on for this year

“EPIC (Year Workshop) was amazing for me because… I got my mind on what I can work on for this year. Now that I think about it, I have created many new things to do, read-create! I benefit greatly with quarterly reminders, updates to my new goals, and real accountability works great too.”

– Moana –

I can control if I show up

“It has been really nice having you as a leader in this crazy year to keep making goals, keep looking to the future, keep holding myself accountable for who I am to myself and how I am showing up in the world. I can’t control anything in this world but I can control if I show up with my manners, my patience, my kindness, my smarts.  You have been helpful in reminding me of this truth.”

– Rebecca –

...Helped us so much...

“…The Epic Year Workshop, combined with the monthly Spirit Circles have helped us so much.  We really appreciate your guidance and support.”

– Trupti –


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it to the live workshop?

No worries!  You will receive access to the replay and all the materials provided.  You will also have unlimited email access to me to ask questions as you need.

What do I need to attend the workshop?

A dedicated notebook is recommended for this workshop as you will be helping solidify your goals over the entire year.  Support materials will also be provided.

What if I need help after the workshop?

Great news!  You will receive quarterly live sessions to help you refine and adapt your strategy throughout 2022.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! See below.