Modern Mystic Mentoring

Intuition & Destiny Coaching for Women

According to a psychology survey

50% of females in leadership positions doubt themselves and their abilities.


And it’s not because they aren’t working hard to feel trust. It’s that so many of them are working hard on the wrong thing.  Here’s the reality – This self-doubt lives beyond leadership or the work place. It creeps into how you parent, how you deal with relationships, and even how you approach your life’s purpose!

When you doubt yourself you can end up sabotaging yourself.

And if you continue down that road, you’ll end up like the 50% – overworked, stressed out and with nothing (or very little) to show for it.  Fortunately for you, there’s hope.

Let me ask you…

Are You Hesitating to Trust Your Intuition? 

  • Ever find yourself holding yourself back or even dimming yourself down for fear that you can’t trust your own gut or intuition?
  • Do you lie awake at night worrying you’re not really “good enough” to achieve the kind of success you dream of?
  • Are you constantly asking for Divine help or guidance but not sure you are being heard or even helped?

If so, you’re not alone.

I know this personally…


Back in 2006, I was a professional actress and artist who felt like I had something more to share with the world.

In fact, I wanted to be a spiritual guide to others.  I had the knowledge, I was constantly studying, and even felt a strong connection to the Divine… The only problem was that I didn’t believe I had access to intuition.  Basically, I felt like a “wannabe.”

So, I only took readings and did energetic healing sessions with friends at no charge, giving away time & energy (two things you cannot get back in a day, BTW) because I didn’t want to risk being judged as an imposter or a psychic fraud.


I finally decided to take the risk and trust myself.

Fast forward nine years, when I finally decided to take the risk and trust myself.  I came out of the psychic closet. My self-trust + intuition made my life click and success started to come to me. Instead of anguishing in fear and doubt I finally felt authentic and powerful.  I was able to fulfill a life dream and create a program to become a full-time spiritual guide and coach.  Now, I spend my time mentoring people like you how to do what I’ve done because…


Every success block comes down to self-doubt.

Breaking through those blocks is what the Modern Mystic Mentoring Program is all about.

Sound like a great fit for you?


Here’s how we can work together

One-to-One Sessions

Self-Mastery is a muscle, and I will be your personal coach helping it get stronger day by day!

I will guide you through shadow integration, how to bring your dormant gifts “online” in your personality, and how to bust through limiting beliefs so you can experience the life you desire now.

Personalized Strategies

Changing the pattern of self-doubt and lack of self-trust alone is hard!  It’s easy to slip into default behaviors and old belief systems.  I will be there with you to help you as life is happening, helping you use your new skill sets and help you realign to deeper trust and stronger intuition.

Access to every Spirit Circle while you are being mentored

Spirit Circles are a powerful way to stay in alignment with cosmic energy and work with the flow of the Universe, rather than against it.  Every New Moon you will craft specific manifesting goals, and each Full Moon you take a look to the planets to see what you are being called to release.  Each session is recorded and comes with visualizations for you to keep.


Ready To Get Started?

Single Coaching Session



A single session is perfect for:

Gaining clarity on your life’s purpose and direction

Addressing self-doubt, insecurity and indecision

Working on cultivating a growth mindset around your goals

Focusing on Inner Child work to heal past wounds

Tapping into Manifesting Mastery to align with your desired path

Developing deeper self-trust to build strong foundations

Learning strategies to create lasting change

Personalized Coaching Package

Develop a coaching package


Key benefits of personalized coaching:

A Holistic Coaching Approach rooted in LOVE, POWER, & WISDOM.

Develop a growth mindset that empowers you to overcome self-doubt, embrace change and thrive.

Strengthen your intuitive abilities, trust your inner wisdom, and make decisions aligned with your Higher Self.

Access to transformational tools including shadow work, meditation, heart/mind coherence and more.

Empower yourself with a life that reflects your true desires, dreams, and purpose guided by a mentor a decade of experience in intuitive arts and self-mastery.

Wonderful Journey of Self-witnessing

“It was such a wonderful journey of self-witnessing-noticing my own unconscious desires, fears, and patterns with understanding and compassion.

I took each day as an opportunity to go deep and face my own sabotaging unconscious patterns.  And at some point I realized…all over again that we are where we are, not by fate, but a series of choices.

I got to know my true self more, I trust my intuition/ inner guidance and I believe I have everything to experience joy and happiness in this lifetime…I just need to openly ask for it and take the right actions.  So grateful, thank you Therese.”

– Agnes W –

Healing and Theraputic

“Therese and I dug into some very deep and sometimes difficult topics during my mentoring time. It was not comfortable but it was healing and therapeutic. These are the types of situations we must encounter in order for growth to occur and working it through with Therese is a safe place for that to happen.”

– Jennifer S –

Incredibly Accurate

“Therese has been a significant asset in providing me clarity and guidance while going through some major life changes in my personal and professional life. She has a knack for beautifully combining accountability and tough love with gentle kindness and trust. As well as a coach, she is also a gifted intuitive who is incredibly accurate and detailed. Her coaching often shines light on blind spots and provides me a unique perspective on challenges in my life as well as ways these challenges can serve me in a more constructive way towards future growth. I am so grateful I found Therese.”

– JH –


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

Each client varies in their results, just as with any other coaching program.  You must take into account how much you commit to your personal growth – just like learning a musical instrument, the more time you put into practice the quicker you will see results.  It takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit.  If new habits are implemented consistently there will be noticeable results after 90 days.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Psychic abilities are a natural skill set that is inherent in all human beings.  It is a mental ability, that often goes unused.  At first, you will experience a limit to this ability, and that is natural.  It is a psychic muscle that needs to be developed with time, practice and consistency.  Just like building your abdominal muscles.  You cannot do one sit-up and expect to have killer abs.  Developing your psychic abilities is a real possibility, but you will only get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

How long are each of the private sessions?

Each session is approximately 90 minutes each.  We will meet on Zoom for our session and you will be given the recording to keep after each session.

Is there a payment plan available?

We can create a custom plan that works for your time and budget.

What are you mentoring me on?

This is up to you!  What area of your life would you like to create rapid growth in? Would you like someone to help you navigate through the tough but highly rewarding terrain of Shadow Work or develop deep self-love?  Are you needing help deciphering you Maps of Destiny?  Would you like to really master a specific psychic ability or divination technique?  I can help you in all of these areas!