Lovely success stories from my clients

What they´re saying…

“Life-Giving Truth Juice”

“Getting a reading from Therese is like getting a doss of life-giving truth juice. She’s a spiritual director of sorts, like talking to your best friend and a wise sage of the Old World all at the same time. She hits home with the skill of a spiritual surgeon, with the best bedside manner around and I come away from her sessions feeling lighter, focused, cleansed, joyful. She helped me change my perspective to one of anxious self-doubt to one of excited anticipation for what the universe was bringing to me. I love every second of talking with her. She’s worth every penny.”

Jennie S. Seattle, WA

“Spot On”

“I was absolutely blown away in my first reading with Therese.  She was able to not only completely dial into my situation, but to read the people and energies surrounding it.  She impressed me by noting details that only I knew about my situation and relationships.  I’ve always enjoyed readings from as far back as I remember, but Therese was the first to actually mine the details and be SPOT ON with not only what was happening in the situation.  With these details, I was able to see things more clearly, make powerful decisions and ultimately have powerful results occur in my life.  Therese is the real deal.  She has such a beautiful gift!”

Jessica N.  California, USA


“A big shout out to Therese Tucker for spending a great hour session with me on Sunday morning. IT was AMAZING the things you connected with that I don’t verbalize to anyone. I could have talked all day. I got tingles from head to toe twice because is resonated so deeply with me. It ended with a tear in my eye. Thanks a ton.”

Troy S. USA

“A Beautiful Gift”

“Thank you so much for the in touch and personal reading you provided me.  IT was amazing and so accurate.  I was immediately connected to you and you made me feel comfortable.  You have a beautiful gift!  I can’t wait for another reading.  I asked you about my lost cats.  You were able to connect that BC had in fact passed.  I had thought she had as I had a very real dream about her.  Your messages to me from her were so comforting, hard to hear but much needed for my soul.  You were able to confirm my other cat Pumpkin was out living a “wild” life.  His life mission is to experience living in this way.  You mentioned he was living in a wide open space and he was proud of himself that he caught a snake.  THIS was amazing as I had a reading 4 months ago with an intuitive in Sedona and she mentioned that Pumpkin was living in the wild and he showed her that he had even caught a snake!!  To make it even more special, last night my husband and I  went out on a bike ride, way out by the canyon and  we saw Pumpkin!! We were unable to get him to come over to us but we were validated knowing that he was around.  You also guided me through my life path and my creation of my work.  You gave me some very good advice and I am so thankful for your guidance and support from spirit.  “You can only dream within your destiny”! I was able to see that I am working on my my purpose and I am going in the right direction. You gave me some insight to the light at the end of the tunnel and I am now able to push forward with my dream!  Fear is always there but I can recognize it and I know that moving through the dark is necessary to get to the light.  You provided me with Very powerful messages and I want others to know how very in touch you are, working for the highest good.  Please use me as a reference anytime!!”

Shelly J. Twin Falls, ID